Interview with Irina Poletaeva from Dog Show Russia-2018

Interview with Irina Poletaeva from Dog Show Russia-2018


карело-финская лайка выставка

Irina Poletaeva, FCI judge all breeds, is working in Finland, not by chance wrote the article about Finnish Spitz in popular Russian magazine «DRUG» in 2014 in Russian. Irina Poletaeva was born in St-Petersburg and Russia is a native language for her. So she could represent the breed and told about different interesting details of history and standard of the breed. Just she could write about the breed so objectively and professionally. This year she visited us in Finnish Spitz ring on CACIB Dog Show in Moscow – Russia-2108.Our portal of FS – — had taken blitz-interview from Irina Poletaeva!

Btw, we must notice the result of this ring. The winner was the female from Intermedia class Club Suomen Frosya (breeder – Svetlana Korneeva, owner – Nikolay Lavrus, Club Suomen, Moscow). And this dog got title BOB deservedly! The parents of Club Suomen Frosya were succesfull too. Both sire and dam have the titles of Champion of Russia too and sire has Champion of WDS-17 and International Champion titles more. Hei, Irina! WE are glad to see you as a judge on our Russian ring of FS! Thank you for your judging today! We would like to ask you some questions. How do you found the level of Russian ring of FS in Moscow – quality and quantity measuring?

Irina Poletaeva: Today I have seen some nice dogs in ring although not in big quantity how it happens in Finnish ring where the breed is distributed more and more. Some of this participants were unassuming but the dog which I gave BOB I liked very much. Such dog can be successful competitor even in Finnish ring, of course. She has perfect format, right position and length of tail, elegant head but she has not on whole coat. Of course, I know the level of Russian stock, that’s why my judging in Finland would be more strong and strict! We can tell a secret that there is a blood of Finnish Savelen Mahti (popular Working and Beauty Champion) in BOB which you chose today!

Irina Poletaeva: It’s cool and very interesting! We know that you are judge of all-breed FCI. Is there some specific of judging hunting breeds and in particular Finnish Spitz breed?

Irina Poletaeva: Yes, of course, there is. If it’s a hunting dog it means it mustn’t jump and be glad from any person including a judge. Some of hunting dogs has a character not always simple and not always they are kind to everybody. So, today beautiful FS was in ring today. But I couldn’t to estimate, to judge it because even owner couldn’t to manage with this male. In the result it was impossible to judge tooth formula. By pity, so situations have been happening in rings very often. You are judging much in Finland which is a native country for this breed. What is the main in the breed for you?

Irina Poletaeva: Finnish Spitz is a national property of Finland. That’s why I demand on firstly elegance, attractiveness, rich coat, with perfect beautiful head and right tail which must be lighter than color of body. It means the opinion about the tail of Finnish Spitz which stands out as light spot, shows the position of the dog and location of bird, is not a myth?

Irina Poletaeva: Yes, it’s not a myth. All this are reflected in standard of Finnish Spitz breed. The tail played the main role in hunting. That’s why, you can see in standard a demand of fair color of external side of the tail. Of course, in FS standard where are a lot of details and we have a comments to standard even. But it has a sense if two dogs are almost equal and then we can consider some small details in order to choose who is better. Today in our ring I got «excellent» two times – one to the BOB and another to female from Intermedia class. Last female had small disadvantages but if you choose the male for her competently then it’s possible to get excellent breed in future. Thank you so much for your judging and detailed explanation advantages and disadvantages of our dogs, we will wait for you on our rings again!

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